Sweet 16

1:00 AM

                        Long time no blog post! because JULY is such a freaking busy month for me so much activities, occasions, rehearsals for contests, etc. but i haven't share you how blessed i am during this month, my BIRTHMONTH.

here's a blurred picture of me because it's the best picture among the blurred shots of my mom haha
but shout out to all my friends and relatives out there who never forget my day and gives effort.

didn't expect this from my second fam, thank you PAO-Repertory Family!

yey we won 2nd place in Sublian Festival
F.Y.I. I started dancing "subli" (a ritual folkdance for Sto. Nino) when I was on my 5th grade and will definitely continue dancing subli :)

and so much more memories to keep that happened this month July 2015. Again, thank you thank you so much first of all, God for a good and healthy life and for making each day memorable, second to my parents and family who's always there for me as well as my friends and everyone who become part of my life, may God continue to bless you all.
Hakuna Matata!

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