Rooftop Reverie

2:09 AM

I don’t know about all of you, but I am so excited for the weather to start cooling down! I am over this heat. Get up a "sweater-weather outfit" because of gusty days we've experienced these past few days but this day was different (hahaha!) 

Outfit Details: 
Sweater from Forever 21
Jumper from Macy's
Shoes- Adidas Neo

Hello to our newly renovated rooftop, the place where I go whenever I want to be alone and wanting to daydream :)
We're all for sartorial freedom,some styles sustain for longer period or some die out soon and some styles come back years after it was declined. So we can say fashion changes with time and has always been evolving to fit the taste, lifestyle and demands of society. My outfit were from my aunt. She sent those to me 5 years ago when it's on its trend. I tried to mix and match the sweater and the jumper which suits good for each other.  I usually do the same way "mix and match" to all  my other clothes when i have time before I go somewhere to have a stunning and unusual look. 
Don't throw away your outdated clothes (except those who don't fits you anymore) but instead add a little spice on it so it would look more fab than you think. 
Hakuna Matata!

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