Jungle themed outfit

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     Yes I know, I already featured my Lion King appearance in our annual Musical production in school but I missed this one. Every after a successful tiring shows, we find it indeed a victory for staging such a successful big musical production with amateur casts including yours truly, so as a reward for us, we always conduct a simple victory party and this year's theme is Jungle theme in line with this year's musical production. 

Lion Necklace from @hipstershopph

Jungle themed party outfits isn't always about wearing leopard and zebra printed outfits, it does not need to be over the top, though it certainly can be if you wish, and there is a great deal of room for it to be elegant, simple and classy as well. Instead, you think of an outfit that compliments the color tone you see and the people you see in jungle.

Navy Jacket - Hand me down from my dad
High waisted shorts- Forever 21
Boots- Jill's 
Necklace- hipstershopph

Paired this look with all- tied up headband braid inspired for my hair
and a shiny bold eyes and wine red lips to add a wilder look 
      Showing off some skin and chubby fats is part of the outfit, inspired by the wildebeest HAHA joke! This look is very simple, I bet you need not to buy these clothes from high brand stores and botique, I'm sure looking at your parents' clothes, you could find similar color toned apparels that you could wear just be careful of the fit of those when you're about to wear it. 


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