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 #BackToCool is the theme of this year's Blogger's united. It was my first time attending this event in my entire blogging life because the schedule of this event is usually a day which I have some commitment and responsibilities.

    Meeting your inspirations in this career for the first time is such a fascinating moment! As well as attending this event for the first time. I have so many expectation about this event but some expectations happened to be in reality and there are several things which gave me disappointments but let's discuss the points where you should or shouldn't expect as a first timer and for the next BU.

1. The Venue
      The BU13's venue this year is in Whitespace Makati, few hours of drive from my own town and using the application Waze is really a helpful tool for vehicle riders but if you don't have a ride you could always commute and follow the steps that the @bloggersunitedph account on instagram posted few days before the event.
       Whitespace Manila as we arrived from a hot blazing sunshine from few meters of walking (from a mall going to magallanes station because we don't want to ride MRT bc we might get more lost haha!) we're expecting a really cold place 'cause whitespace manila looks cozy but it's more hot inside the venue maybe because of the number of people shopping or participating in the event. The venue looks so crowded and feels so hot arriving there at 2:30 PM onwards but It's fully air conditioned and I think the bloggers and vloggers who sells their stuff grew in numbers maybe that's why the area look crowded, the stalls were really near to one another and the pathway for the buyers were a bit small that really causes congestion to other booths' pathway.

2. The Bazaar/ Stalls/ Products
       I thought Bloggers United is like meeting and socializing with other bloggers who attended the event or there will be at least a tutorial, talk, or seminar from the bloggers/vloggers that could help aspiring or current bloggers/vloggers but y'all, IT WAS A TOTAL BAZAAR WITH AN UNLIMITED MEET AND GREET MOMENT WITH YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGERS who aren't too busy!
        The stall or booth provided depends on the bloggers themselves on how would they decorate it and how it would look attractive to the buyers. Some stalls markdown their prices every couple of hours and I think that's a good idea in selling in a bazaar that cater guests from a student to working people. There are some stalls that sells the clothes of the celebrities; Sarah Geronimo, Maine Mendoza, etc. but expect it to be 500 Pesos and above!
        The products in the scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, almost all of the products in the event was nine over ten! Hello? all the stuff that you could buy there personally came from the closets and hands of our favorite famous bloggers so it is also a game of luck when you really find pieces that perfectly fits your body shape or things that fits your skin shade for cosmetics.
        The quality of the products varies, some are really unique and high quality but some are like the usual apparels you see on a typical clothing shop online. I suggest you to come early so you could really pick and buy cool stuffs. Some of the bloggers doesn't  However, expect unique pieces there because most products were really one of a kind.
display all her products but surely, when you come early, they will display worthy clothes and stuff catchy for the consumers.
        The prices are budget-friendly. You could either ask for a discount if you aren't shy hahaha! The usual prices of the top ranges from 300-700 depending on its quality and brand but Janina Manipol and Chinna Filomeno's booth offers the lowest price ever! You could purchase a product worth Php 10 I don't know why but i bought one thing worth Php40!

 3. Attire
        Every Bloggers United sets a theme and whatever the theme is, you should come dressed up accordingly but I saw some people that just dropped by, wearing their off-theme casual wear but they weren't stopped by the security out there or forced to be stepped out.

Floppy Hat from River Island
Laced One suit top from Zara
Bandage Skirt from Forever 21
White Shoes: Stan Smith Adidas

I personally dressed up a bit corporate with a twist look wearing a bandage skirt we usually wear during corpo attire day and blend it with white kicks to kill the all black vibes

4. Activities
        I thought BU was a reunion or assembly or getting-to-know each bloggers in the entire Philippines but talking to some bloggers were so intimidating I don't know if its just me because I'm slightly shy or some are really hard to approach. Truly you could get to know some famous bloggers just if they aren't busy but if you're like me who wants to meet some aspiring bloggers around the country, there is no activities for such reason. However, there are some exciting activities brought you by the different brand sponsors of the event, in fact, I won a month Web Hosting from, I also won Peppero Eco bag from peppero and there are free gift cheques from other brand partners of this event which you could get for free, you just need to sign in some things and follow instructions for a chance to win stuff.

5. Bloggers 
       Honestly, most of them are very kind, approachable, friendly, happy going and very natural! Maybe because they're just selling but I don't think so because the moment you've started talking to them, you'll see how grateful they are knowing that you recognize and tell them stuff of fangirling and many more!
       Some of the bloggers do look the way we see them in their social media accounts or pictures but there are some who slightly look different from their portraits (some look tall in pictures but in personal, they look a bit small and vice versa ) but they all look good in person even at the haggard times.
@iamthdoll on instagram, (Rhea Bue) I bought a white top on her booth for only P150
@Sophiemos on instagram (Sophia Ramos) I bought the black velvet dress I worn on a debut party ( )

Baninay, my kababayan, 
Ate Ave, she talks a lot in my vlog to be posted soon!
@jamonmartin I knew him for years already because of LSDC, and he could still recognize me! kilig! haha
my main squad! hahaha I didn't know how I got such this good picture with my squad over the crowded people, they even seek for a good lighting and position just for this picture
( Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, Camille Co ) 

       Travelling all the way from Batangas City just to attend BU13 in Makati is worth it having my " firsts " and would probably be back to the next BU hopefully in a nearer and bigger venue and soon be one of the bloggers selling stuff in this event. Let's all dream high and with our perseverance, there is a big chance of reaching that success in life. Be somebody nobody ever thought you could be. 
Hakuna Matata!
BU 13 Vlog coming soon just stay updated on my social media accounts! 

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