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    Christmas is truly just around the corner that means bunch of Christmas parties and reunions are approaching. But yet you don't know what to put on your wish list and what to give to your friend that when asked of what they've wanted to receive this Christmas would just say " it's up to you " or " ANYTHING. " Now here's what I could give you this Christmas, a list of wish list and gift ideas for this special season!

       1. The "Classroom Exchange Gift" Budget 

    This fits your class " Exchange gift " budget with a minimum gift price of Php100 to Php300. Probably, you are sick of receiving tumblers, bath towels, personalized mug and pouch. That budget isn't cheap to buy a gift. Just one tip, don't rely on buying gifts on the mall because they would just give you mainstream gifts that exceeds your budget but not all malls do have. 

  • If your friend loves stationary and artsy stuff, drop by at @theladiescab account on Instagram where you could easily buy affordable and cute stationary stuff! 
  • Gift for a Kikay Friend who loves make up, buying branded make ups would literally impress them but because of the budget you have, here's what could satisfy them. KJM Cheeck and lip tint by @kjmcosmetics.co

  • If he or she was a fashion enthusiast or something similar, go get him/her a pair of glasses ( sunnies or specs ) from @kissespheyewear because why not accessorize their face with a frame that suits their face shape. Make sure before you bought them you'll think of the design, color, frame shape that complements your friend in every aspect to make him/her wear your gift everyday

  • Or a shirt but make sure the choice of  color and fabric is on point. Don't sacrifice the quality of the product on a cheap price that's why @thriftapparelmnl  is the best shop for you. Besides of having quality material shirts, they do have Christmas promo and packages that suits your budget! 
  • Unisex gift? not everyone appreciates socks but surely anyone would be glad to receive a printed socks because it's rare to find in malls because the best designed socks do not have local outlet stores yet in the Philippines and here's a twist, you could spoil your friends buying them different or squad socks for as low as Php99 each! only here at @grabshop . Aside from socks, you could buy more useful, gift-giving worthy products on their account on affordable price!

  2. Practical gifts 

    If you're not that typical materialistic person who always want these words " anything or whatever you want to give me" [when asked] but figured out maybe this could be your chance to get what you practically need in your life for the present and for the future specially when you're graduating or leaving your company for the next few months, so all you need is some things that could be useful in your next journey. 

  • the need of Organizers. I know this is a cheap thing that you could simply buy anywhere but even though your bunch of stuffs in your room or office is crying for a need of some organization, you still do not opt to buy even a simple organizer so maybe you could include this on your wish list. There are several types of organizer (shoes, cosmetics, clothes, toiletries, travel kit, and etc.) so make sure you assess what you need first before you ask for one. you could also buy from @grabshop 

  • Powerbank. Personally, I need this. Who doesn't want portable charging battery? You could choose many designs of your choice in @kendi_shop the more battery mah, the better. Be sure to check all the details of which you are going to buy because your phone battery is very sensitive that you should be more critical in choosing what powerbank to plug in your phone.

  • Lazypod you might not appreciate it but once you have it, it serves its purpose in many ways, not because it tolerates your laziness but because it helps you multi-task and relax.

  • Flash Drive, SD Card or Hard drive. Saving files, documents and memories could be kept here. As we grow older, we collect and cherish unforgettable moments but besides of having Facebook as your online photo album and diary, there are still some pictures, videos or documents that should have been privately kept so these having a number of flash drives would mean a lot in your life.

  • Noche Buena Package. Speaking of PRACTICAL, this is what not only yourself or your friend would love but also your/their family! Food is life so why not ask for a good set of noche buena ingredients! 

   3. If you don't really want to ask for anything, list what you does not want to receive.
      Some people would have abuse this fact that you did not list anything on your wish list so they would rather give you random stuff so instead list down ...
  "I want anything that comes from your heart and generosity but avoid giving ... "

1. Toiletries ( Sanitizers, Wet Wipes, Shower Gel, Bath Towel etc. ) though some people really appreciates some set of toiletries but practically speaking, you would just display this in your bath room or you could personally buy your own toiletries and you would want something more that you could use right after. But if you are given deodorant and toothpaste, you know what it means, USE IT! HAHAHA!

2. Personalized stuff. Some people values personalized stuff like mugs, ballpen, tumbler, and frames but some would awkwardly accepts refrigerator magnets with their face on and you might not like the picture that was printed on it but, why not?

    This list are just some tips and ideas that i could personally suggest. Some people might agree, others might not but knowing the fact that Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.  

" The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens, easing others' loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of the holidays. " - W.C. Jones


Hakuna Matata!

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